Hobart College

Hobart College 地处整美的校园在Nelson大礼赛的郊区, 希腊人可以在其他方面弃你. Below, Sandy湾的美女与水手们. The centre of Hobart is only five kilometres away and is very well connected by public transport.

Hobart College is a pure senior high school for Years 11 and 12 and is renowned for excellence in academic achievement and has close links with the neighbouring University of Tasmania. 学年12年学生代表当地的机会 uta左派家庭集团.

学校的女房东, including a 6-star learning centre for sustainability and state-of-the-art mathematics and science facilities.

There are many other cultural and social activities in which to participate; for example, 学生被抓, 短途旅行, environmental groups, 南年音乐制作, sports teams, the annual ski trip, debates, 社会行动团体和创意艺术.

The relationship between teachers and students at Hobart College is exceptionally good. The teachers see it as a challenge to help all students achieve the goals they have set and are very helpful.

Hobart College has the most extensive and longest running international programme in Tasmania (since 1988) and sees itself as a multicultural school. 国际学生热中改过. 对那国际加斯还有在学校里唯一的中心. Hobart学院在非常友谊和生活中总是有数不清的.

On request, the school will arrange accommodation with host families with horses if desired.

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  • state
  • co-ed
  • Number of Students: 1,200
  • Year established: 1913




  • Year 11 and 12 only
  • No School Uniform


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